Feature Request for Dashboard

You guys have been great with adding requested features!

I would like to request 4 things:

  1. Bobcat has a graphical representation of their physical LED status lights on their dashboard. The Heltec miner has Excellent LED status lights. If you could create a graphical representation of what the current LED display is, on the Dashboard, that would be GREAT!! This would allow remote deployments/hard-to-reach-places (attic, outdoor, remote location) the ability to use the Dashboard LED’s for a status check!

2)Peer Book lookup - both sensecap and bobcat will let you look at the peerbook of your miner

3)An internet speed test

  1. Uptime (which helps keep track of restarts caused by issues or firmware upgrades)
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YEAAH! I agree man! That would be awesome ! :slight_smile:

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Great suggestions :slight_smile: thank you! And glad you like our hotspots so far!

Excellent hotspot. I just added 1 more dashboard request, UPTIME

Also1. add relayed or not status
2. Synced or not
3. Block helght and blocks synced in Last 1 hour
4. Hnt earned in last 24 hrs 7 days, 14, 30
5. Custom tags