FCC module certification

I’ve noticed the the cubecell modules are advertised as having FCC certification, but I haven’t been able to find actual certification. I’ve seen e.g. test lab certificates, but that is not the same thing. Does anyone know if I’m missing the ID they’ve been assigned? Is there any plan to obtain module certification for the CubeCell devices? This would greatly simplify final integration and certification. Thanks,

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I just went looking for this also and was not able to find the CubeCell’s on the FCC website, though there are a number of Heltec products listed on the site. I did see a couple threads on this topic and at least one had lab test certificates as mentioned but no FCC ID. Can anyone provide some insight on this?

To be very clear: That is a declaration of conformity and issued by TUV. It does not include a valid FCC grantee or equipment ID. Conformance is not sufficient for a radio module to be FCC certified.

The only reference to any grantee with “Heltec” in the name in the FCC database that I have found has an ID of 2A2GJ. There are no filings for any CubeCell devices attached to that ID. The declaration of conformity is insufficient to assert FCC approval of any device, and actual filing needs to be made and approved. Until a valid FCC Equipment ID (logically a module approval for the CubeCell devices) can be provided I must work under the assumption that they are not, in fact, certified/compliant with FCC rules.