Faulty Miner no response

Plugged in my 4th heltec miner and im just getting a solid blue light (no bluetooth mode) and solid white light.
Cant do nothing!
Cant reset, cant shut down!
Ive plugged an ethernet cable in to see if i can see the dashboard and i cant.

Ive messaged Allen on discord and ive messaged the support email i know its the weekend so they are not working BUT i cannot leave the unit on overnight im going to have to turn it off via the plug which i know might cause a problem but hey im a bit worried it could catch fire if its faulty.

Anyway anyone else had this problem

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Did this resolve for you?

You can send your hotspot name to support@heltec.cn and we can check if this is a known issue and assist in updating your hotspot

I have had support remotely sort my miner out, it will now do everything it should but im assuming i cannot connect to my miner with the app at the moment due to the system being down.
So until i have managed to do that i cant say 100% that my miner is sorted fully

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how did they assist you? is your hotspot on a public ip connection? my hotspot has a solid blue light only (no other lights). cant reset, cant shut down…

They came on remotely and sorted it, i contacted support thru the website

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do you have a public ip connection? my hotspot doesnt even show up in the router connected devices…

At that stage Helium was down :slight_smile: so correct