Example sending message not using LoRaWan (modeLoraWan = false)


I am configuring both the sender and receiver and will code all the radio parameters on both sides to match. I do not want to use the LoRaWan protocol. I simply want to have one device send “Hello” and have the other device receive it. Can you supply an example of how to achieve this?

I am guessing passthroughMode and modeLoraWan may be used for this, but I would like an example where modeLoraWan = false

If you don’t want to use LoRWAN at all (i.e. just LoRa), check out this link (complete with hardware configuration and sample code for several processors, including the CubeCell [Plus]). I have just been using simple LoRa communications in my small network for several years now.

Thank you for this. I plan to dig into this over the weekend but I think it will be exactly what I need.

Hi Pete,
I’m looking at your code. My immediate goal is sending from a CubeCell to a REYAX RYLR896.
More generally, I want to use whichever hardware solution makes the most sense for a specific part of my system. I have had success sending “hello” between two RYLR896 devices but attempted CubeCell to the RYLR896 and failed.

Looking at your code I see initial radio setup and then communication is via the Radio.Send function.

My specific question is about your dataPacket structure. Is this your own structure or does it come from the LoRa standard? In other words, when I send a simple “hello” string successfully between my two RYLR896 devices is the “hello” just the payload part wrapped in a data packet similar to this?