Example LoRaSender_ReadBattery issue

I download the LoRaSender_ReadBattery example program into CubeCell – Dev-Board.
However, it never runs OnTxDone function.
After I checking pingpong example, I found out there has a “Radio.IrqProcess( );” at the end of void loop().
Is it a bug?

  1. The lowPowerHandler(); only run once in this example. The unit didn’t go into sleep mode correctly .

Could Heltec correct these issues and provide a corrected LoRaSender_ReadBattery example with 0.3uA sleep current?

sorry, we can’t find “Radio.IrqProcess( );” Could you git pull?

“Radio.IrqProcess( );” is in the “pingpong” example .
The issue in “LoRaSender_ReadBattery” example is the example did not run OnTxDone function.

Sorry, You are correct, It should be 11uA/3.5uA. Please update the example with correct sleep mode power consumption.

it is not a bug, This is a function related to interrupts.

The“ LoRaSender_ReadBattery ” example did not run OnTxDone function…But It should be finished, Right?


it called by Radio.IrqProcess( );

Which means LoRaSender_ReadBattery example missing Radio.IrqProcess( );?
If yes, please update the code and add some description.

On the other hand ,could Heltec correct LOWPOWER mode issues and provide a LoRaSender_ReadBattery example with 11uA sleep current?


“Radio.IrqProcess( );” this function have been called(This is not elicited here). It is not lost.

regarding the 11 uA, it is not a bug. please refer this:%E5%9B%BE%E7%89%87

In LoRaSender_ReadBattery example, how much current (3.3V header powered) when it is running the 2000ms LowPower time?

Hi jasonXu,

I want to get the notes of TX done(OnTxDone function) after the Battery reading sent. Does it mean that I need to add “Radio.IrqProcess( );” in the loop()?

I download the program, connect a 3.7V power supply and 34461A 6 1/2 Digit Multimeter to Vbat port.
The current as show below:
1)TX and LED on:100mA
2)delay(2000); //LowPower time : 10mA
3)Serial.print(“TX Timeout…”); : 6.9mA

It didn’t run in sleep mode.