Example code LoRaWAN_151CC and the correct enviroment

Hello everyone,

please could someone give me a hint about the correct enviroment for building the example code.
I am experienced in creating projects in CubeIDE/CubeMX, but I can’t get the example code
running on different LoRaNodeNode151’s.

Debugging gives a hint that a duplicating define of MIN/MAX in the LoraMac-part and in the
USB-lib’s from ST’s build enviroment may be a reason for that.

So I suppose that giving the correct version of the CubeIDE & CubeMX for which the example code
was generated for, will be some kind of solution. I tried out different combinations with more or
less no satisfying solution.

At this moment I think about of some kind of ported version especially for the ST’s - from the vanilla
LoRaWAN-code. This would be much easier than repairing examples which are currently not running
at all.

So, some kind of information from HELTEC will be much appreaciated…



Dear Detlef,
I’ve faced with the same situation - the demo project that was provided by Heltec sales team, wasn’t built after CubeMX had regenerated the environment. You can use this product ‘as is’ and edit included files manually or go to “pain way” to setup your own environment according the info from Semtec’s ‘LoRaMAC-node’ project (https://github.com/Lora-net/LoRaMac-node#readme).
Good luck,