ETH MAC address not working as password

Hi. I am trying to log into the dashboard to one of my heltecs and it looks like the 6 last characters (in lower letters, no : in between) from ETH mac doesn’t work as password in this case. Anyone found a solution for that? It worked for all my heltecs so far but onboarded a new one today and got no access to local dashboard which is no bueno because I cannot download its image in case of emergency as well as load in the most recent block height.
Thanks in advance.

Hey, I´m beginer and I try to log in by IP too. Where I can find this description, where is it written? … What is the UserName???

The username is HT-M2808 and password are the last 6 characters of your ETH MAC address (you’ll find it on the label on the bottom of your hotspot) written in lower cases and without “:”
So if your MAC was 00:3f:4h:78:f3:4d the password would be 78f34d

I have the same issue. Did you find a solution?

Does not work on WIFI only with LAN connection to router