ESP32 WIFI LoRa 32(V2) what pins for GPIO

What pins on the ESP32 WIFI LoRa 32(V2) board are usable for Input or output digital or analog?

I want to connect a uBlox 6M GPS module and an SD card module

Thank you for the pinout.

  1. How do I know what pins are available to use?

  2. How do I tell which available pins are analog I/O and which are digital I/O ?


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Perhabs you should read the links and documents @Xiao-H provided.
In the shematics or the pdf @Xiao-H provided in the second Post you can easily find words like gpi, gpio or adc.
Gpi= inout
Gpio= in/output
Adc= analog input

I like the WIFI LoRa 32(V2.1) board. However, I have some problems with the Pinout Diagram provided above.

  1. The picture is not correct. It does not seem to be of version 2 or 2.1. Note, there is no label “V2” on the board. Maybe it is of version 1, as there is the onboard WIFI antenna??
  2. The pinout is not correct: My V2.1 board has at the 4th pin on the left counting from top 3.3V rather than GND.
    Currently I have both the V2 and the V2.1 pinout diagram here
    Could you please provide an actual version?
    Thanks in advance.
    Regards, Achim

Sorry, the link of the pin diagram of V2.1 is wrong, the pins of V2.1 and V2 are the same, you can refer to WIFI_LoRa_32_V2. We will correct the pin diagram as soon as possible.