ESP32 WiFi Kit32 communication distance range

I need to make a presentation for Mesh Networking with ESP32 Wifi Kit32 with in small room. My questions please:
1- what’s the normal communication distance with Kit32 boards
2- how to do to get the Minimum Kit32 Communication Distance Test


Radio is a funny thing as it can be interrupted by many invisible things. Density of shielding is key. My experience with the Kit32 is its good for about 100 feet, when you have a good access point. One thing to be aware of is the Kit 32 range will be severely limited when its in a breadboard. That’s because of the metal in the breadboard that holds the pins and the antenna placement under the board sets up reflections. Its a real problem on the 32 and one that caused me a great deal of frustration. This may in fact help your cause for your simulation. You need to be aware of that for your testing. If your building an independent mesh where each board is acting in both AP and STA mode you could use the call to WiFi.RSSI() to get your station signal strength in DB. Then I would suggest building and covering each board in a DryWall or Hardie Board box to assist in reducing the propagation. Hope this helps, but I maybe way off from your questions.