ESP32 WiFi Kit can't read Mifarecard

After setting up “HiLetgo ESP32 WiFi Kit for Arduino” based on the site , I used the kit and tried to read a Mifare classic card in SPI mode by using the following combination. Arduino IDE was applied for the reading.

card reader; ITEAD PN532 NFC module

Arduino sketch; readMifareClassic in Adafruit PN532

The COM port output of Arduino IDE shows “Didn’t find PN53x board” and the reading fails, although the WiFi Kit was connected to the above PN532 NFC module, with the pin assignment ( ) SCK(18), MOSI(23), MISO(19), SCL(22), as denoted in the following pdf

Please show any information solving the above issues.

For reference, when changing the HiLetgo ESP32 WiFi Kit to Arduino Uno as microcomputer, Arduino Uno successfully reads with default pin assignment such as PN532_SCK(2), PN532_MOSI (3), PN532_SS(4), PN532_SS(4), PN532_MISO (5), under the same environment.