ESP32 Lora V2 stopped

Hi all
i have ESP32 lora V2 and after a few hours;, it stopped working. What can i do to solve it ?
i use ESP32 to send beehive datas on Lora and if i must reboot ESP32 all days, it is not possible.
thanks for your help


could you show more details?

oled screen don’t change and no data on Lora.

Good afternoon, something similiar happened during a load test of the V2 using LORA and WIFI after around 12 hours. I noticed that the ESP32 got exceptional hot. After some minutes of cooling down it worked fine again. Problem is to get a small heat spreader with 6×6mm.

Has anyone experienced that before too?


Do not rule out the problem of esp32 chip itself.

could you try another esp32 board?

The problem was the http client where after some hours the get gives back a -1. I have to restart the board. the begin never gibt’s back a -1.

Most likely, your code hangs at some point like this.
You should use serial print or IO pin to monitor/debug where it hang.

Thanks for the advice.

Think I found the solution to the problem finally.

I had to pin the task with the HTTPS call to CPU 1. It had been automated pinned to CPU 0, what made the execution compete with the kernel task. Part of it is WIFI. So a real bad bad idea.

After assigning the task to CPU 1 explicit with “xTaskCreatePinnedToCore” it did run stable and the HTTPS client was much much faster. Instead of up to 3 seconds it is now often < 1ms and takes never more than 0.2 seconds for a request.

Fun fact - the LORA interrupt routine had been pinned to CPU 1 automated. I did use “xQueueSendFromISR” to exchange data packages internal. Always worked like a charm.

Hi maxdgdg, I think that it happens when the LoRa comunication fails.

My applicattion is very simpple. I just use one button of master node to power on/power off one light on reciver node. If both are near each other, the application works very well, but when i walking around my neighbhood pressing button, the reciver freeze.

If i walk, stop and test, the reciver don´t freeze. Some times the aplications don´t works, but the reciver do not freeze. But if i walk pressing the button, the reciver freeze.

So, I think the reciver stop when it recive a LoRa´s corrupted data pakage.