Error LoRaWanMinimal_APP

Hello I am using an HTCC-AB01 and wanted to install the Example LoRaWanMinimal_APP with Arduino, and I get the following errors:

Can someone help me and yes I am an absolute beginner.

I am just widely guessing here, but I would double check that the proper device and parameters are selected in the menu tools (board and all the other parameters). A requisite to do that is that you have already installed the right libraries. Here is a link to the manual, indicating how to do so:

I am suggesting so because as long as I can see in my own arduino, there is no example LoraWanMinimal_APP for the Cubecell HTCC-AB01; the examples as well as many libraries are quite specific to the hardware, and although some of the more generic examples will work, most actions requiring the use of specific hardware (as is the case here) would not work without the specific library.


it looks like you are right, strangely this example appears for me, how do I find out which example fits which board



we have fixed the bug.

please git pull and disable AT_SUPPORT in tools menu.

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Yes, it works, Thanks

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When I start this program, why does he do multiple acivations?