E-ink display 1.54 cant partial update

Hi in the past i order displays from you and all working fine. Now I have 25 displays with new chip/firmware? That cant partial update, only full update.

this is old good display.

this is bad fpc-8101 display.
What to do? How to made partial update?
Heltec engineer send me old library that cant partial update. I checked all chip driver in expd2 library, but nothing.

Bad fpc 8101 display

Hello, i have this epaper too.
Tried all samples, but display make full refresh on any display update(MODE 2 update)
I have 7 pin PCB with reset on power.
I found this display on GooDisplay company site and trying contact with support.

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This FPC-8101 seems a epaper panel are defective, or using non documented commands.
How to determine a real panel controller on this panel? I think it is SSD1681 or IL3829.

But problem is here: this panel with this mark cannot? partial update.

How to reach partal update on this panel, or sending sequence of commands for partial update? Any ideas?

For all owners, this epaper board use reset on power, and if you try change content and nothing happened, try modify your display(remove reset on power and solder a wire(RST). This improves control under this epaper.

Please leave answer…

Thanks! But now library is updated and all working fine)

Which library? Where i can download too?)