Dragino LG01-P Single Channel LoRa Gateway

Trying to setup a CubeCell Dev Board to work with Dragino LG01-P Single Channel LoRa Gateway. The “LoRa Simple Yun Server” runs on the Gateway and “LoraSender” on the CubeCell.

I can configure most parameters, but I don’t see how to set he SyncWord on the CubeCell?

“LoRa Simple Yun Server”:
float frequency = 868.0;
// Setup Power,dBm
// Setup Spreading Factor (6 ~ 12)

// Setup BandWidth, option: 7800,10400,15600,20800,31200,41700,62500,125000,250000,500000
// Setup Coding Rate:5(4/5),6(4/6),7(4/7),8(4/8)

#define RF_FREQUENCY 868000000 // Hz
#define TX_OUTPUT_POWER 14 // dBm

#define LORA_BANDWIDTH 0 // [0: 125 kHz,
// 1: 250 kHz,
// 2: 500 kHz,
// 3: Reserved]
#define LORA_CODINGRATE 1 // [1: 4/5,
// 2: 4/6,
// 3: 4/7,
// 4: 4/8]
#define LORA_PREAMBLE_LENGTH 8 // Same for Tx and Rx
#define LORA_SYMBOL_TIMEOUT 0 // Symbols
#define LORA_IQ_INVERSION_ON false

Seems the default sync word is 0x12 for SX127x according to this link: https://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=657326.0 however the the Cubcell should be based on SX126x, but it seems to work, although the message i messed-up, but at least something is received.

Is this gateway have LoRaWAN protocol support?

According to the Users manual the Dragino LG01-P gateway can connect to the LoraWan server, however only for one channel.
I am just trying to establish a simple LoRa HW message exchange between the Dragino gateway and the Heltec Cubecell. The Dragino gateway contains a Arduino Yun LoRa platform, shown below.

If I install a LoRa_Simple_Client_Yun on the Dragino gateway, use rf95.setSyncWord(0x12), and transmit the message “Hello World!”, then I am able to get the following response on the CubeCell (where LoRa pingpong is installed) serial monitor:

received packet “⸮⸮” with Rssi -19 , length 17

As seen something is received but not the correct content.

The returned message from the CubeCell is never received by the Dragino gateway which wait for a return message as acknowledge.

After installing LoRaWan Single channel sketch on the Dragino Gateway I manage to receive every fourth message from the pingpong sketch on the Cubecell Capsule. Thus, even if the Radio.SetTxConfig() is set to no frequency hopping it seems that this setting is being override somewhere. Any ideas how to disable the channel hopping on the EU868 band?

Interestingly when switching from SF7 to SF9 I can increase the reliability of the transmission typically receiving 3-4 messages and then followed by every second message lost for the 10-20 messages. Any hits the issues could be? The gateway is based on a SX1276 transceiver so it should be compatible with the SX1662 in the CubeCell.

SOLVED: Problem was solved by using the LoRa library Here: https://github.com/sandeepmistry/arduino-LoRa installed on the Dragino gateway.