Documentation for AB02S

Is there any developer documentation for the AB02S besides the examples? Something that lists the constants so you do not have to dig through the header files. There seems to be many already created functions that would make much of heavy lifting fairly easy but finding out what those are takes looking through all of the code.

I am new to LoRa and LoRaWan and having to dig through all of the code to find stuff makes it even harder to figure it out.

I got LoRaWan working by walking through the examples but I am not sure if it is correct. I have been looking for the constants for the Pins for simple contact closure sensor but not sure of the constants or what GPIO is safe to use.

Is there some docs out there somewhere?

Hi @netnutmike

Nice to see you here.

This is the relevant document for CubeCell series:

Thank you, i already had that. i was looking for something that said what GPIO is used for onewire, what is the name of the pins, etc.


please refer this topic.