Direct Lora link between two boards?


I have found on Internet some pages explaining in chinese how to do direct Lora communication between two boards without using a LORA gateway but unable to find the same explanations in English or an easy translatable automated language. Some ideas where I can find that ?
I have seen the demo with Lora 32 boards which are the ones I have.



Look at Lora Basic Example LoRa sender, LoRa receiver! (Arduino Ide or Github)

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ah yep thanks so took the Lora receiver code with OLEED for my Lora 32 module and succeeded to compile/load it into device that is now listening for incoming data.
I have some issues with the Cubecell 1/2AA that I want to use as transmitter. I try to use the sender code and compiles fine but fails to load :frowning: It uses CubeCellFlash tool that doesn’t work on my Linux system (if I start the CubeCellFlash program in command line it works, just complains missing argument and if I try to run it as Arduino IDE tries the CubeCellFlash program crashes with some Python errors :frowning: I’ll investigate more in forum to find a workaround or fix for that problem !