Difference between LoRa_APP and LoRaWAN_APP

Sorry if this is a basic question. I am trying to integrate a CubeCell into a wireless mesh network protocol that is NOT using LoRaWAN (instead it relies on the PHY layer to connect the radio and send/receive packets). I see most examples use LoRaWAN_APP even when not actually connecting to a LoRaWAN network.
What’s the difference with LoRa_APP module, can I use that instead of the LoRaWAN module?


Hello, do get any way to make a lora Mesh network with cubecell?
@Supporter Can you provide any info ?

@jasonXu Hi friend. Do you have info?

For a LoRa mesh network open source project, take a look at https://clusterduckprotocol.org

I intergraded the CubeCell as a supported board. It also supports the Heltec ESP32 boards and others.


Google Lora and Lorawan - they are different

@amir this video series is awesome to get the details.
this link contains the answer to your question:

ahh this google, everyone is talking about… is it new? :wink:

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@amir so cool. you make me the day. I am checking…