Custom packets TX and RX from a HT-M02 V2 gateway

I have never used LoRaWAN before.:slightly_smiling_face:
I am creating a custom network with LoRa. I am not adapting LoRaWAN. All my transceivers are using simple LoRa protocol. So, when The gateway receive such packet, the current firmware does not show it. What I need is to successfully receive the packet and, from a web interface or any other means, send a simple LoRa packet back. I am thinking of having a custom network server as well. How to get this flexibility in the Gateway device. please it would be a great help for my project.

Any guidance is appreciated.

You’d need to rewrite the upper layers of the Semtech Packet Forwarder and get that installed on to the gateway - not a trivial task and a lot of prior knowledge of LoRaWAN would help such a task.

A gateway’s “thing” is the ability to hear on 8 channels at a range of SF’s at the same time. If you don’t need that, then having just one device as the gateway for your own protocol will be far simpler. If you have lots of devices then you’d need to organise something to allow them to transmit without lots of overlap and perhaps optimise their DR/SF.

Or you could just use LoRaWAN!

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I see. After making the Sync word of my End devices to SyncWord(0x34)., I was able to get some Join Accept packets in the packet Logger. Cant go for LoRaWAN since we are using non-standard practices here. What I need is to use the Gateway at the end of a multihop and transmit the packet to a custom server. I can archive with a non gateway device very easily but, I was thinking using the gateway instead.