Current consumption CubeCell HTCC AB-01

Hello, I am developing a project to remotely control the movement of a motor (left or right) using LoRaWAN protocol. I have a CubeCell HTCC AB-01 module and a UG87 gateway. I already have the code ready in Arduino IDE using the LoRaWan_downlinkdatahandle example as a base, I just have to implement it. By sending a downlink message from TTN I can control the movement of the motor, I already did the tests with LEDs and it works perfectly. I have thought about using a battery to power the CubeCell HTCC AB-01 module, the integrated H-bridge and the motor. Taking into account that I am going to use an H bridge L293D, the motor can be powered from 9-24 VDC and its maximum power is 2 W, and according to the specifications the CubeCell module consumes 10 mA (LoRa Rx Mode), 70 mA ( LoRa 10dBm output), 90 mA (LoRa 14dBm output), 100 mA (LoRa 17dBm output), 105 mA (LoRa 20dBm output) I have the following questions:

  1. How should I measure the current of the module?
  2. How to know in which mode the module is working (LoRa dBm output)?
  3. What battery do you recommend for feeding the circuit?
  4. How should I perform the consumption calculations to find the duration or independence of the battery?

Any information you can offer me will be very helpful. Thank you.

  1. Take a digital Multimeter an measure the current between the battery and the module
  2. Its your programming
  3. 1 cell Lipo 3.7 V
  4. The simplest solution is to test under real-world conditions. Each battery has a self-discharge

Thanks for your help.

With any digital multimeter can the current be measured? I would have to open the circuit, correct?

Where in the Arduino IDE code is that value defined? Bearing in mind that I am using the LoRaWan_downlinkdatahandle example for the CubeCell HTCC AB-01 module.

With that battery I can power the CubeCell HTCC AB-01 module, but the H-bridge L293D and the motor too? I mean the feeding of the whole project.

You mean the charge and discharge cycles of each battery? What battery do you recommend?

Thanks again for your help, any additional information you can offer me will be useful.

Multimeter with DC Current an a sensitive measuring range, you have to open the curcuit!

For the Motor you need 3 Cell-Lipo! (11,1V)

The power requirement is likely to depend on the motor

“Each battery has a self-discharge” Every Lipo lost energy over the time !