CubeCellflash.exe on Windows 7 32bit


i am using Windows 10 64bit for my development laptop.
All is running fine.

But our on the field devices are panasonic toughbooks CF-U1 running Windows 7 32bit.
Flashing a cubecell is not working because the CubeCellflash.exe is not compatible.

Can you please make a 32bit version which will work with windows 7?

There is indeed such a problem … the reason is that we don’t know how to generate a 32-bit executable through python compilation. :joy:

You can install Python 32 bit and 64 bit on your 64 bit need to install needed packages and py2exe for both 32 and 64 bit version of python separately. after you installed 32 bit, you must change Windows path of python to 32 bit to use it…after success 32 bit compile you can change windows path to 64 bit again.

if you can give me the sources i can compile it for 32bit systems and upload that version for you.

any news about a 32bit version of the cubecellflash.exe?
if i get the sources i can compile it on my own and give you a 32bit version.

i realy need a 32bit version and am i willing to help.

Because of the virus, we had to delay the time back to work…

Anyway, I had contract my colleague and he may finish it at home.

@supporter that are good news.
hope all of you are fine