CubeCellefltool - what is it?

What is the purpose of CubeCellelftool?

you are speaking about the CubeCellFlash tool?

this tool is needed to write the compiled firmware to the cubecell.

No, I speak about CubeCellelftool.

The compiler output is an elf file.
The tool is needed to build the cyacd file, which is flashed to the cubecell

I have supposed that it is used to generate .cyacd file.
Could you tell me, how should it be used? What is the source file for this tool?
I have not found any information about this tool, that is why I ask.

I dont know the source
But have a look in the platform.txt file for usage.

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Thank you very much for answer :slight_smile:

Yes, PSoC uses a special firmware format and adds a checksum security function based on the hex file, so a special cyacd format is used. The role of this tool is to convert hex files to cyacd format.

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Thank you very much!