CubeCell with (e.g.) PlatformIO Arduino framework?

Hello Heltec…

…or anyone who might know this here.

while I agree with you that the Arduino framework is a great simplification layer to configure hardware for many usecases, I don’t think Arduino IDE is good for much more than doing some examples (but is great for that!).

For developing stuff like adding a new sensor, I like working with PlatformIO, which supports the Arduino framework and gives you many more developing options. You know that, you support it for other boards.

Do you plan to add the CubeCell as a PlatformIO target? That would be great news for me!

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Dont know about a platformio implementaition.
I like vscode and use it for all my projects.

Sloeber (eclipse) is working too

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Also vote for adding platformio

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Thanks! Sloeber might do what I need. I’ll try.

I also use VSCode now that this is the recommended IDE for the PlatformIO extension.
How do you integrate ARM Cortex M0+ toolchain with VSCode if not using PlatformIO?

Add arduino Extension to vscode.

ok, lot of things to try and get used to. Nice!