Cubecell tracker: GPS and Serial port libraries


This topic is just to confirm two things before starting to do a tracker with the cubecell.

As I read in other topics there is no possible to use something like SoftwareSerial in the cubecell, however there is a module, the SC16IS740 to use the I2C or SPI port and convert into UART. In any case there is one uart and I just only need one. but tempus fugit… Today: Is there a library similar to SoftwareSerial for cubecell?

The second thing is the GPS: I normally use TinyGPS library, but it is not compilable in cubecell sketch. Exist any GPS library compilable for cubecell?

If both questions are no, no problem, but I preffer to know the tools I have.


Hi @Airbox

there is no such library like SoftwareSerial but you can use the SC16IS740 IIC to serial converter.
But you have to “decode” the nmea string on your own. This is not so hard if you know what data you need.

There is a new board in the queue at heltec with an ASR6502 cpu. this will have a second uart.

ok, now I know where is the starting point :slight_smile:

Thanks @wasn