CubeCell Schematic Library for KiCAD

Hello, I was looking for a Schematic or Library to include the CubeCell capsule to a Schematic Diagram on KiCAD and I couldn’t find anything so my question is that If are there any Schematic Library for kiCAD?

Good question, I was looking for KiCAD schematics for Wireless Stick and Wireless Shell too. So please, Heltec, could you provide this in the download section or even better here:


I quickly knocked a rough & ready one up for EasyEDA when I found the CAD files for the board…

Pins & mounting holes are in the right places, rest is more for illustration.
Does the job though.

You should be able to find it & export to KiCad.

Great thank you for your work

It’s impossible to find out I just find it in easyEDA but it’s impossible to me to export it to kiCAD, I can’t continue my project without the footprint.

Ah ok. I’ve never tried exporting footprints & symbols so might not be possible.

Can’t you just make your own?

Only took me like 10 mins to add the Symbol & PCB footprint. I wouldn’t have bothered with the CAD bit, but since Heltec made some technical drawings available that only took an extra 1/2 hour or so (and isn’t meant to be perfect).

Heltec’s CAD files are here by the way.

Yes, I have think the same, but will be difficult to desing a footprint with the exact measurements. So would Heltec give us any ifnromation about the footprint?

HI Heltec have you a library set yet for the Cubecell modules . It would be very useful of easy uptake of the modules. In my case I want to use the ASR6502 module and need the component library info.

Regards Simon


Hello Heltec @Supporter
it would be really helpful if you could provide the layouts & co of all nodes modules for kicad library.