Cubecell receiver

Hi to all
I use cubecell with simple rgb code, connected to minihub pro gateway and to TTN. From TTN i catch data via MQTT and node red. Works fine. I am trying to monitor what cubecell sends and what gateway sends to cubecell. Heltec esp32 lora v2 with sketch “ReceiveCubeCelldata” not working. Data from TTN shows some parameters from cubecell, “bandwidth”:125000,“spreading_factor”:9,“coding_rate”:“4/5”}},“frequency”:“868100000”,“timestamp”:2559109996,“time”:“2022-11-25T01:04:54.804312944Z”
In the sketch “ReceiveCubeCelldata” i can put some of those values but, cubecell bandwidth and coding rate are always same, but freq. and spreading factor change almost every sending. Syncword is not declared.
Question is, what spreading factor and syncword need to be set in the sketch “ReceiveCubeCelldata” ?
Thanks for any help

This data is encrypted and cannot be parsed even if it is received.

Thanks for info. So only way to get data is via gateway. If I loose internet i loose data as well. Only option is using gateway with internal instead cloud server. Is it correct?

Yes, you can select a gateway with an internal server.

Thanks a lot. Rabbit hole is not simple problem :wink: