CubeCell OTAA stuck in joining network?

So it sometimes takes a couple of minutes for the CubeCell to join TTN,
has anyone else seen the same issue ?

I’m basically using the LoRaWan example, but after changing

Device usually does connect, but the variability makes a rapid test cycle harder.

Also it seems the device frequently forgets some of the keys, for testing purposes can you hardcode them in the app, any instructions ?

Would ABP be faster for development ? I tried disabling OTAA (AT+OTAA=0) and configuring the

But the device never joined, so went back to OTAA


Hi what gate way are you using? TTIG? If so issues related to that and not node.

No, its not a TTIG, its a iC880a raspberry pie GW.

Btw, if your device forget some of the keys (seems to happen when update the sketch) you can
edit the file below (when using a mac)

You can also define this once you have set keys in the .h file
#define AT_SUPPORT 0

Did you perchance notice any difference between 0.0.3 and 0.0.4? I’ve seen this behaviour change too and it used to connect immediately. I’ve changed too many other things at the same time, but one thing I wanted to check was going back to 0.3.

So just confirming ABP mode also works (UPDATE: ONLY THE FIRST PACKET)

I didn’t realize but under Tools->LORAWAN_NETMODE set ABP, then edit the keys in the Commissioning.h file as needed, confirm in the console it picked up the right keys.

Update: however ABP only seems to be sending data on the first join, even though the console claims its sending data TTN does not show anything.

Sorry, just got the device so have only been using the 0.0.4 version

Did you try 0.0.3 ?

Was working on other things, but just tried the example and now its stuck joining again.
When using the V2 esp32 stick I used the “lmic” library on platformio, but unfortunately platformio is not supported for the CubeCell yet.

BTW, the 868 fixes here fixed the join issues for me
(if you clone the latest git there seems to be some issues in the platform.txt file when compiling, but after that it worked)