CubeCell Not responding to AT commands

Hi Just Received the CubeCell Board looks great loaded the Example Code and Look to be fine Come to load Key as explained in another post but the AT command do not work corectly. I try AT+DevEui =or AT+ AppKey= or AT+AppEui= and the correct number of characters and Give a responce of wrong lenght. I try as below to reset the MCU with AT+RESET=1 But it reponds with AT+RESET=!, which is what I typed. What Am I doing wrong?
See screen shot below


Hi I have solved this… Great and Working!

You need to be clear that the Console Should not use “New Line”" or "Carridge Return after each command or both and only use “No Line Ending” Consoles are often set to send NL or CR OR both mine was hence the issue.

What other “AT” comands does CubeCell respond to ?

Best Regards Simon

Sorry, this is my problem, I did not highlight this issue in the documentation. I will correct it.
For more AT commands, our next article on AT commands will be released shortly.

Wish you have a nice day.

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