CubeCell LoraWan with Fixed Channel and SF

Hi, I just received my CubeCell LoraWan Node for testing. Seems very interesting and reliable.

I’m developing a complex system for Smart Farming Data Sensing, which will use 20 to 30 CubeCell nodes in the future.

Right now I’m dealing only with one channel LoraWAN gateway based on the Heltec ESP32 Lora V2 and only one CubeCell Node for testing. I’d like to test the coverage of the node in a big field with many trees where I’m going to install 20-30 CubeCell during the summer with a Full LoraWAN GW, but since now I need to heavily test the reliability and signal coverage of the board, I have to do many test on different spreading factors (SF) and also with a fixed channel, since the current gateway has only one channel.

So the question is: how can I fix on the CubeCell LoraWAN node a specific LoraWAN EU Channel (e.g. 868.1 MHz) and a specific spreading factor (e.g. SF=12)?

I’m using as starting code the reference example for Arduino IDE (LoraWAN_BMP280)

If you want to use the standard lorawan protocol, it is not possible to go to a fixed channel.
However, if you do not use the lorawan protocol and use an ad hoc network, fixed frequency channels and SF are a simple matter.

If you want to use the standard lorawan protocol, you don’t need to worry about signal problems, the lorawan protocol will automatically adjust parameters (including SF) according to the signal strength to ensure the reliability of the signal.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Yeah, I know that if I use the LoraWAN protocol I can’t change many rules, but on many dev boards (ESP32 based) that uses LoraWAN I can easily fix the transmission to one channel for testing, the same can be done with the Data Rate (aka SF).

The final system will be fully LoraWAN compilant, but right now I have to deal with a single channel gateway (aka packet forwarder) so I must force the node on one single channel tx, I’m pretty sure it’s possible, but how can I do?

Interested in the answer, have you found any ?

if you would like to use LoRaWAN please use it according the policies.
If not please use LoRa

Not complient LoRaWAN nodes will affect the whole system