Cubecell LoRa Library

Is there a LoRa library other than LoraWan_app that works with cubecell?

I am trying to send a minimal LoRa message, without lorawan, and want to keep my transmission time as short as possible.

Previously I have used the Lora.h library with dragino Lora modules, and it seems to transmit much faster, which makes me think the LoraWan_app.h library has a lot of overhead in it that I don’t need.


HelTecAutomation/CubeCell-Arduino: Heltec CubeCell Series (based on ASR6501, ASR6502 chip) Arduino support. (

That still appears to use the Lorawan_app.h library, which I suspect is slowing things down.

Are there any working examples with a minimal LoRa implementation, such as using Lora.h?


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