CubeCell library - I2c address scanner not working and issues with other scripts

Hi I have tried to use IC2 scanner in basic library I does not work on 4 different devices.I know these work an I can use 1306 display.The Heltec scripts worded for ESP32.Is there some issues in the library’s as script looks like standard.I have also found a lot of the sensor types don’t work ,such as bme680, bmp180 etc the basic LoRaWAN work ok. I seems library’s have not each been test with CubeCell.They need to be checked

The esp32 and the ar650x are different processors.
Not every library Working with the esp32 does work with the ar650x.
I am getting a bme680 sensor in the next days and will work on the library.

I am using the hdc1080, ccs811 and bmp280 library and these work

Hi rsmedia and Heltec Staff.

I have solve the issue with the I2C scan script and by the looks of it for a few others as well . The Issue is not related to the origin of the scripts needing to change from ESP32 but that there is an issue in the Vext line connencted to the sensors. The Vext line need to have settled down to its final value first after its turned on.

I have found by testing with digital analyser that the Vext Power line for peripherals such as I2C, requires a setting time from when enabled. It was found if you turned on Vext and then called, say Wire.begin (); then the power line was not stable a small delay is need to allow setting time. It recommends that the following is added below the

digitalWrite(Vext,LOW);//set vext to high
delay(100);// To allow the Powerline to settle

The above has helped to make work several of the Heltec library Scripts.

Best Regards Simon

As you can see in my provided example for the cjmcu-8128 i have a delay(500) just after enabling vext.
But i have still problems that the Sensors sometimes does not wake up properbly.
I am still digging in the core libraries for the ar650x.