CubeCell JoinRequest only SF7?

Hello fellas!

Does anyone know how the Cubecell handle the JoinRequest procedure?
I got a LoRaWAN Gateway not far away from me and this works just fine. I can see that the JR in TTN gets handled over SF7. But i’ve tried a larger distance and my pcb isn’t conncting anymore with TTN. How does the “LoRaWan_APP.h” handle JoinRequests if SF7 isn’t working? It tries automatically SF8…SF12?

Ok, got my answer. It needs some time but it tries from SF7 to SF12 until gets connected to the LNS

For different LoraWan regions, the SF altered differently when join。 Which is your region?

my region is EU868.

For EU868, you can modify the join DR alternate method here. Defaultly, when join retry is 8, sf is 8(DR4), when join retry is 16, sf is 9(DR3), when join retry is 24, sf is 10(DR2), when join retry is 32, sf is 11(DR1), when join retry is 48, sf is 12(DR0), otherwise sf is 7(DR5).

Is this supposed to only send one request on the “higher” SFs? From my understanding the node should try 8 times in SF7, then 8 on SF8 then 8 on SF9… This is described in the LoRaWAN Best Practices documenty by LoRa Alliance.

With the current implementation there are 8 trys on SF7 then 1 try on SF8 and another 7 on SF7 with the next one on SF9 and again SF7.