CubeCell HTCC-AB02: Questions about analog inputs

I have some questions regarding the analog input pins on the CubeCell HTCC-AB02.

  1. I read in the docs that the maximum voltage for the adc pins is 2.4 volt and that the adc internally uses 1.2 volts. Does this mean that there is a built in voltage divider (like on the D1 Mini) to reduce the voltage? And if so, which resistor values does this divider use?

  2. Looking at the source code I found some conflicting comments about the maximum value of analogRead. In the ADC example there is a comment that says the maximum value is 2400 and in the ASR_Arduino.h I found a comment that 3300 is the maximum value. Can someone explain this or is this just an error in one of the comments?

  3. I read that the adc has a resolution of 12 bits and should therefore be able to measure with a resolution of 4096 steps. But the analogRead function only returns a maximum of 2400. Why is that and is there a way to get the full resolution?