CubeCell HTCC-AB02 and Li-Ion battery?

Hi all,
I would like to use Li-Ion Batteries, like the Panasonic NCR18650B for powering the HTCC-AB02A.
I successfully use the same battery for powering the HTCC 1/2AA Node by just soldering it on to the 1/2AA battery holder.
Max Voltage is 4.2V so roughly the same as with Li-Po batteries
Min Voltage though is a bit lower, around 3.0V
My question is:
-Should I connect the battery the same way as any Li-Po battery? So just use the battery connector on the board?
-Will solar charging work with Li-Ion battery?

(I expect it to work but maybe I am missing something)

Just connect to a dedicated battery interface. The battery supports solar charging and can be charged.

The charging IC is fit any Li-ion battery with 4.2V Max Voltage.
Solar charging work with charging IC , also Li-Ion battery.

The problem is the load does not include low voltage detection that will cause over-discharge.
Add a protection board between 18650 and Cubecell is recommend.