Cubecell HTCC-AB01 drain battery

I have 3 devices in same field, with same program running. All with same battery and same solar panel. All provide directly by Heltc.

One of the devices drain the battery in 6 hours. Today after battery change to test the voltage go from 4.17 to 2.75 volts in 6 hours.

I attach this screen shoot to show battery voltage from 10:21 to 16:33 that was last report after sensor “die”

@Supporter What can I do ?
I run this test with 3 different battery and 2 different solar panel and problem persist.
Report are in 5 minutes interval.

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a 5 minute interval is really fast.
seems your cubecell does not sleep between the sends.

but to give more help i have some questions:

what battery do you use (type, mAh)?
what sensors are connected?
what libraries does your sketch use?
please post your main cycle of your sketch.

Look here:

I have seen the same problem. I think it is caused by the firmware going into loop. Specifically looking at the original Cypress code, the default interrupt handlers put the device into a loop. These are called in the case bus error, memory violation etc. I have modified the code so that a reset (without entering boot loader is performed.