CubeCell (HTCC-AB01) distance

Last weekend i made some tests with two CubeCell DevBoards (HTCC-AB01).
I used the example code from Github (ASR650x-Arduino/libraries/LoRa/examples/LoRaBasic/LoRaSender/LoRaSender.ino and LoRaReceiver/LoRaReceiver.ino) and changed the freq. to 868MHz.
On my free-view tests i never reached more than 200m, also not with SF10, 11 or 12. I also lost the connection by placing the sender only one floor lower than the receiver.
With TTN Uno (PCB-Antenna) or Seeed Boards (simple wire antenna) i can easily send over 2km.
The Board / Modul is useless like this. How can i improve the sending distance?

200meters are far to short.
How have you powered the Boards?
What antennas did you use?

It doesn’t matter if usb powered or with LiPo, i have the same result. The voltage seems to be stable during sending.
I tried it with the “original” antenne and with a 8.6cm wire ~-80dB at a distance of 3 metres…

Could the reason be a frequency offset? How can I find out?

Impossible to be so close distance.

Can you please update a picture of your board and antenna? I’m worried that my colleague or agent may have wrongly sent you the 470MHz version

If i change to 433MHz i have -103dB on 3m. --> seems to be the right ones.

I have only this two for testing, maybe one is a bad one…?
But i’m happy if this is not standart :smiley:

Hi @red

Sorry for the late reply… the antenna is for EU868. Is your problem solved now?

If you don’t have a spectrum analyzer, you can try to suspend the two antennas and keep them parallel, at a distance of about one meter. What is the RSSI value?

Now, it’s not solved. Parallel with 1m distance i have -106dB with the original antennas.

Which test library did you use?

LoRa Sender and LoRa Receiver from

Can you please try exchange the sender and receiver? And have a look the RSSI

ah, this change a lot, -53dB @ 2m

One is broken (receive circuit part)… Maybe the antenna part is in poor contact.

Anyway, you can try the distance test with the stronger signal.