CubeCell (HTC-AB01) LoRaWAN OTAA user defined data rate

I am using testing the CubeCell in Australia using OTAA on AU915. I have gateways in close proximity and and am seeing good reception. I want to specify the DR to be used to enable me to send payloads greater than 51 bytes. I am using the LoRaWAN.ino demo application modified to send payloads from 1 to 128 bytes.

Depending on the successful join OTAA join request, I am limited to either 51 bytes or 128 bytes maximum payload size depending on the data rate.

How can I specify I only want to use a specific DR to be able to supports more that 51 bytes payloads?


The 51 bytes is defined by LoRaWAN protocol.

There are two suggestions, you choose one of they and have a try.

  1. Try to change 51 here to a value below 256 (This may cause some problem);
  2. In the .ino file, enable DR4 by follow this setting, the DR4 channel have 500K bandwidth, bu by default, the DR4 is disable.

If your node join success in DR4, then it will working in DR4 all the time and allow you send data max to 242 bytes.

Possible Solution: Send two or three packets! The application can assemble the message.

Or just try to minimse the data! So possible you can only send the difference between two values!


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