CubeCell - Dragino LG308 - chirpstack

I am staring at a Dragino LG308 gateway and two CubeCell HTCC-AB01 on my desk.
On my Debian box, I’ve installed most of ChirpStack, postgress MQTT etc.
I am sitting in Australia, and aiming for AU-915 radio settings.
I have not yet provoked anything in the logs of the gateway.
Has anyone else tried or had success this setup?

That’s a single channel gateway? I’m afraid CubeCell can’t work with a single channel gateway…

But it is definitely should feasible, indeed we didn’t ever try with a single channel gateway… maybe you can have a try.

Please refer to this document:
Config channelsMaskTemp[0]=0x00FF; to match your gateway’s listening frequency.

For example, if your gateway’s listening frequency is 915.2MHz, should be channelsMaskTemp[0]=0x0001;

this is part of the feature list:

It includes a SX1301 LoRa concentrator + 2 x SX1257 , which provide 10 programmable parallel demodulation paths.
The configuration pages include frequency boxes for many channels.
Am I reading this rquirement wrong?

It is a 8 Channel Gateway, you can use it with chripstack. I use Dragino LG308 and LSP08 Gateway with chirpstack.

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Au915 uses subband 2 i think.
Have a look if the gateway is on the right frequencies

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This setup is working well now. I cannot make the net gateway run on the Drauino, but it works well-enough beside chirpstack on the server computer. Thanks everyone.