CubeCell dev board - serial connection to sensor

Sorry if this is very obvious, but I try to connect an external sensor using a serial connection to the CubeCell dev board. Which pins would I use for that? I also need separate serial connection via USB to monitor the cubecell dev board on my computer.

Right now There is no SoftwareSerial Library.
You only have the HardwareSerial wich is connected to the USB converter.
Dont know if a SoftwareSerial is possible with the CPU. Will have a look if There is time.

As the CubeCell range uses the ASR6501 there is only 1 hardware UART.
The datasheet does not give a hint about using general GPIOs for a software serial.

i have the development of a software serial library on my todo list, cause i need one to interface a GPS.

Excellent news! I desperately need to connect an external sensor via software serial. Thats the only missing thing so far, otherwise the cubecell dev board would be perfect for my needs.

Another question: I will only read data via Serial from my sensor, never write. If I connect the sensor to the RX pin I should be able to get this data with As long as this data doesn’t represent an AT command it shouldn’t interfere with ASR6501?

never tried that but it may work