CubeCell Database NO SPAM

dont know why my post regarding a new software for the CubeCell devices is now marked as SPAM?

i only wanted to show you a free software for storing all relevant data for CubeCell devices and can export them to the Configurator and Mapper.

This is FREE software to help configuring a high count of CubeCell devices.

Hi, @wasn

Very sorry about that, the automatic identification function of the forum system may identify your information as an advertisement. I have manually reinstated your post.

@Supporter thank you very much for your fast help
hope all of you are well

Thank you for your concern. At least there are no signs of infection near me and my colleagues.

The virus spreads across the country and the panic caused by people is the worst. Aaron received a notice from the industrial park government this morning, we were asked for a delay resuming work and stay home as much as possible.

@wasn Today i tried this software. (version 1.4)

Really helpful to use while creating / debugging firmware.
Main advantage is you don’t have to manually enter network parameters. Also you can generate QR code out of this.

My suggestion would be to make this as a single software ie’s the part of cubecell configurator.

Thanks for sharing.

The full integration of the database feature in the configurator is planned. We allways develop such things as seperate applications it is much eadoer to debug.

The integration in the configurator is planned for the next major release

just uploaded the configurator v6.0 with integrated database.
there are lots more to come.