CubeCell Capsules - getting started

I’ve received the Temp/Humidity capsule and the Air Quality Capsule.

I have literally no idea how to get going with them. Do they have batteries installed? How to charge? If no battery, what’s required and I just don’t get the form factor if you have to have wires trailing out?

I cannot find any instructions anywhere.

How do you program the OTAA parameters?

Thanks in advance!

Look her:


Welcome patmolloy,

they do not have batteries installed but you can add one.
to start you have to install the arduino environment and add the cubecell hardware.
Then upload your code.
You can programm the OTAA params with AT commands over serial.

just take a look here on the site and on the github repository and you will find all info you need.

Hi all

What size battery fits the CubeCell capsule nodes ? as need to fit some when I get capsules.

Has any one tried to fit solar cell? I suspect not.

Solar cells work very well on the CubeCell Board nodes I am running. and is always full charged even in winter sun. I will never have to change battery until it fails.


I use these batteries

I have added a solar cell to one of my capsules using a self printed cap on the antenna site of the capsule. It is working exactly the same as the dev board.