CubeCell Capsule Sensor: GPS planned?

Is a GPS sensor option planed for the Cube Cell Capsule???

The cubecell devices are using the asr6501 mcu which has only one uart.
You have to find a way to talk to the gps.
Perhabs using a serial to i2c converter or using a software serial, dont know if that is possible.

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Question on that one uart… Can we still connect an external GPS to the one UART and still communicate with the CubeCell over USB? Or is that 1 UART being used for the USB port?

the one and only uart is connected to the usb to serial converter.

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Just added a software serial example few days ago, I think this can be used for a temporary serial port alternative.

About the CubeCell with ASR6502 (+GPS) project, the good news is that the coronavirus crisis is waning, and all our R&D guys are back to work. We move fast on this and some other excellent projects.:grinning:


你好! just a comment

in RX_test.ino there is a little detail the GPIO2 is indicated as TX instead of RX

#include "softSerial.h"
// #include <stdlib.h>

softSerial softwareSerial(GPIO1 /*TX pin*/, GPIO2 /*TX pin*/);

I’ll try to test the software as soon as I can.


Oh… my bad, I will fix it now.:rofl:

just uploaded an example for using a GPS with the softSerial and LoRaWAN inlcuding TTN Decoder:

This needs the changes from @bwooce (adding defines in TinyGPS++.cpp) look here:

I am using this GPS module:


it fits in the sensor side of the CubeCell Capsule

@wasn This sounds like an awesome implementation of GPS inside the CubeCell Capsule. Do you have any pictures of the GPS module fitment? Does the battery fit in there as well?

the battery will be in the part of the capsule with the mcu and antenna.
the gps module with gps antenna will be in the sensor part of the capsule under the transparent cap.

i am right now not at home and office.
but will make a pic this weekend when i am back home.

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