Cubecell bootloader

Hi everyone,

I’m working at a project that needs minimal bootup time so i’m looking
for a way to skip the bootloader.
This would not be a problem if i could connect over swd but this is not working.
The processor type is in the J-Link database, J-Link programmer supports it natively.
I,m able to connect to a regular PSOC 4 using a J-Link programmer/debugger.
But not to a Cubecell Dev board connecting to pins GPIO6 and GPIO7.
Could this be the cirquitry connecting to GPIO6 and GPIO7 used on de dev board ?
Would be glad if anyone could help.

Regard Data.

Sorry everyone,

Updated to the latest J-Link firmware and now it’s working fine.
Next stop wil be testing export from PSOCcreator to Eclipse, Keil and IAR.
I think it wil be a late night.

Regards Data.

I would also be interested.
Or maybe Heltec thinks about removing the printed serial banner - this sucks, if you use the serial port for connecting other devices.
Or maybe just open-source it?

think about using the SoftSerial. The SoftSerial works without issues here for connecting a GPS with 1Hz update rate.

I drew a simple diagram to express the startup process of CubeCell:

The bootloader printed 55 bytes in start-up, use 115200 baudrate (115200 bits / 11520 bytes in 1S). so the total print time is 55/11520 ≈ 4.8 mS. The total boot-up time should less than 6mS.

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Hi @tuxscreen

I will talk to my colleagues if we can remove the copyright information.

But we can’t open-source the bootloader code now…:frowning_face: