Cubecell bootloader

Hi everyone,

I’m working at a project that needs minimal bootup time so i’m looking
for a way to skip the bootloader.
This would not be a problem if i could connect over swd but this is not working.
The processor type is in the J-Link database, J-Link programmer supports it natively.
I,m able to connect to a regular PSOC 4 using a J-Link programmer/debugger.
But not to a Cubecell Dev board connecting to pins GPIO6 and GPIO7.
Could this be the cirquitry connecting to GPIO6 and GPIO7 used on de dev board ?
Would be glad if anyone could help.

Regard Data.

Sorry everyone,

Updated to the latest J-Link firmware and now it’s working fine.
Next stop wil be testing export from PSOCcreator to Eclipse, Keil and IAR.
I think it wil be a late night.

Regards Data.

I would also be interested.
Or maybe Heltec thinks about removing the printed serial banner - this sucks, if you use the serial port for connecting other devices.
Or maybe just open-source it?

think about using the SoftSerial. The SoftSerial works without issues here for connecting a GPS with 1Hz update rate.

I drew a simple diagram to express the startup process of CubeCell:

The bootloader printed 55 bytes in start-up, use 115200 baudrate (115200 bits / 11520 bytes in 1S). so the total print time is 55/11520 ≈ 4.8 mS. The total boot-up time should less than 6mS.

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Hi @tuxscreen

I will talk to my colleagues if we can remove the copyright information.

But we can’t open-source the bootloader code now…:frowning_face:

Thank you for clarification. But removing the copyright message would be good. No need to open-source the bootloader if you infringe some other copyrights then…


the bootloader is not open-source.
even in the arduino environment is a compiled file which is not opensource.

this are only 6ms once when the board starts the first time.

we will release a none copyright print version bootloader. But users how to burn the bootloader into flash will be a problem

I am looking to buy over hundred units and would like the copyright removed. Could you do that? Or would I have to, and if so how?

Yes, in the newest V1.0 version boot loader, the copyright information can be removed by AT command.

Thanks! What is that command?

Did you get programming with J-Link working?

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