CubeCell board manager

Hi Arron will you be issuing a new board manager soon for CubeCell? I have used the files from github and they work well, and can select and use the added features.The only additional feature would be power control as the helical coil In Capsule is -2db or -3dB where you can add 3-5dB antenna to the CubeCell board and need to alter the power level to meet regulations. Simon

i have got the information that there will be a new release tomorrow.

Great look forward to it simon

Could someone please point me to the URL of the CubeCell series Boards Manager?

In the Preference dialogue box for setting up the Development Environment using the Arduino GUI, the entry of “Additional Boards Manager URLs” entry is truncated in the supplied guide document


Sorry, found it!

Please ignore my previous question

using the provided guide for installing the environment, I have finally succeeded in setting up my development environment for the CubeCell series