CubeCell Board AB01 with RadioLib configuration

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I am evaluating the CubeCell Board AB01 for a project (only LoRa, not LoraWAN) because it is really a cool hardware (also the best low power usage I have seen so far).

I am trying to integrate the board with the RadioLib library ( and having some issues.

First issue is with pinMode() macro defined in Arduino.h. It is conflicting with the RadioLib override of the same function. I commented out the pinMode macro in the Arduino.h, it fixes the issue, but I want to make sure it is safe to do that and won’t break anything else.

Second issue is I am trying to find the function/macro to be used to convert digital pin number to interrupt pin number. On Arduino boards it is typically defined as digitalPinToInterrupt(). But that doesn’t seem to be defined. What is the equivalent for ASR650x?

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About how to use the interrupt function for cubecell, you can refer this code:

This does have an impact. You can refer this:

Thanks for the quick reply. Regarding the pinMode, can you tell me what the impact is?
Also for lora, does that mean we can’t use any other libraries? The reason for using the RadioLib is that it supports a wide range of radios and is vendor agnostic. I am trying to build a wireless mesh protocol on top of the LoRa protocol (not LoRaWAN) and the mesh can have different devices.

I can try using heltec lorawan, though but want to make sure I can use it for just LoRa connections and it supports both sx127x and sx126x.

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I was able to integrate successfully with the CubeCell provided LoraWAN_APP library. So I now have a full LoRa mesh cluster with both SX1272 devices (using the RadioLib library) and SX1262/CubeCell using your Heltec library.
One thing that is absolutely critical is to make sure the devices are using the same LoRa radio settings (specifically CR and SyncWord).

I am going to get more CubeCells as a result :slight_smile:
I also have an AB02S which I haven’t tried yet, but I should not have any problems integrating that as well.

I hope you have a good test experience.

I am also trying to use the RadioLib, but having same compilation errors.
It’s critical that I be able to use this library. Is this possible, or does the CubeCell only support the LoRa stack referenced in the various example sketches?

This is available, but we currently have other projects to do. We will adapt it in the future