CubeCell Board (AB01) GPIO4 and GPIO5

Hey team,

Is there a small error in the dev board silkscreen? Mine has “4” beside the RST pin, but the docs say this is GPIO5, and GPIO4 is beside the 0 pin.

I think the docs are correct and the silkscreen is wrong (4/5 are transposed)?

(I’m trying to use the “5” pin for an interrupt wakeup from an LSM303DLHC…I think I should choose another pin esp. as the LED is on this one)

Oh yea! I’ve just noticed, mine has the same, RST, 4, 5, 0 when it should be RST, 5, 4, 0 according to the pinout

if i look at the block diagram i think this i right:

GPIO4 (PIN34) is directly beside RST and GPIO4 is used for the LED.
the side of the board: RST (Pin 38), GPIO4 (Pin 34), GPIO5 (Pin 33), …

Silkscreen and Blockdiagram are right and the pic showing the pinout has the typo

Yes you are right, it is the pinout digagram that is wrong. I set GPIO4 to HIGH and pin 4 (silkscreen) did go to 3v3.

I will raise an issue on github.

I will confirm this problem tomorrow.

Maybe it can be fixed by software.

That is no software Problem Only the labels in the PDF file are wrong.
Just change them in the pdf

Yep, this is the best possible outcome, it’s just the PDF. GitHub issue for this

Thanks everyone.

@rsmedia @bwooce
Yes, Thank you for your reminder, I had fixed that error.

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The picture here is still wrong :frowning: