CubeCell AT commands

Is there any list of available AT commands for the CubeCell module?

We added the use AT command function as customer’s requested:

The English version document will be fine tomorrow.

AT Command                Value                        Notes
+LORAWAN=1                LoRaWAN  1, LoRa 0
+OTAA=1                   OTAA -1, ABP-0  
+Class=A                  Class A or C  
+ADR=1                    1 on 0 for off  
+IsTxConfirmed=1          LoRaWAN ACK Message 1 on, 0 off.  
+AppPort=2                The Application Port 2 for general APPs and 10 for TTN MAPPER.  
+DutyCycle=60000          The time between transmission in mS. Typically, 15000 to 3600000  
+ConfirmedNbTrials=8      The number of adaptive rate changes allowed.  
+DevEui=???               Unique (OTAA Mode) 
+AppEui=???               Unique (OTAA Mode)
+AppKey=???               Unique (OTAA Mode)  
+NwkSKey=???              Unique (ABP Mode)
+Passkey=???              Unique (ABP Mode)
+DevAddr=???              Unique (ABP Mode) 
+LPM=1  	          Low Power Mode
+ChipID=?	          get ChipID
+JOIN=1	                  start join
+DelCDKEY=1 	          to delete the CDKEY
+DefaultSet=1             to reset parameter to Default setting

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I have another question: Is there any AT command or any other method to select the Band within the region?
I mean:
if you are in EU868, how can you select?:
band 1: 868.1 MHz,
band 2; 686.3 MHz




you can select the band only before compiling.
i have no CubeCell device here but perhabs this command can help:

Set Frequency Table +CFREQLIST

Command Type    Command Format        Response
Test Command     AT+CFREQLIST=?       +CFREQLIST:“ULDL”,“method”,”number”,”freqlist”
Inquire command  AT+CFREQLIST?        +CFREQLIST:<ULDL>,<method>,<number>,<freqlist>
Execute Command  AT+CFREQLIST=<ULDL>,<method>,<number>,<freqlist>
                                      OK   or   +CME ERROR:<err> 
Parameters       ULDL represents the frequency of TX or RX 1-UL; 2-DL; 
Returns          for different frequency device node, it is need to set the 
                 frequency of download; but for same frequency device node, 
                 it is not needed. Method represents the way of frequency 
                 setting 1 – frequency table is autogenerated according to the 
                 start frequency and the number of chnanels. 2 – set logical 
                 channel’s specific frequency respectivly Number represents the 
                 number of channels, its value range is1~16. Please pay attention 
                 to cooperate with the basestation. Freqlist is realted with the 
                 method being setted. If method is 1, then the freqlist is the 
                 start frequency and its unit is Hz; If method is 2, then the 
                 freqlist may be more than one parameters, which is dependent on
                 the value of “number”, its unit is Hz too; 
                 <err>:error code,refer detail from<AT command set for User Equipment
Example          AT+CFREQLIST=1,2,8,475300000,475500000,475700000,475900000,
Notice           It is optional, it is designed to select from set frequency 
                 mask and set frequency table.(Currently, the command is not 
                 supported please use the AT+CFREQBANDMASK)

I can only select the region (EU868) before compiling. That’s why I am asking this,
I will try what you suggest. It says that instead of AT+CFREQLIST I should use AT+CFREQBANDMASK

Do you know where I can find more on this command?

Thank you very much. This is what we needed

Set Frequency Band Mask +CFREQBANDMASK

Command  Type        Command Format                 Response
Test Command         AT+CFREQBANDMASK=?             +CFREQBANDMASK:“mask”
Inquire command      AT+CFREQBANDMASK?              +CFREQBANDMASK:<mask>
Set Command          AT+CFREQBANDMASK=<mask>        OK
                                                    +CME ERROR:<err>
Parameters  Returns  <mask>:Network workable frequency band mask, there is 
                     16 bit to 16 frequency group,refer detail from 
                     <LoRaWAN join specifications>.
                     For example:0-7 channel,its mask is 0001, 8-15 channel, 
                     its mask is 0002,and so on.
                     <err>:error code,refer detail from<AT command set for 
                     User Equipment (UE)>
Example              AT+CFREQBANDMASK=0001
Notice               Need set it before the Join command.

Hi, there, here is the AT command list:

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