CubeCell ASR650x-Arduino: which LoRaMac-node version?

I’ve been trying to get the exact version of the official/master LoRaMac-node code which was used into the ASR650x-Arduino repo but somehow I cannot find a correspondence.

it seems to be a version from 2018 … but hard to match the exact commit…

could you please point out what commit was used to create the CubeCell repo?



Please refer this file:

Hi Jason,
yes I already did but it does not help.

in CubeCell repo we do not track the exact git commit number of the code that was forked from the original repo and unfortunately the official repo did not update the file in 2018 for many, many commits.

so if you try to find a match (to get to the original github commit number) it is very difficult.

I tried to do a search, pulling multiple revisions and doing a diff … but I can’t get a proper match.

if you have the original checkout of the Semtech code you should be able to do a “git log” and publish the version of the code that was ported into the CubeCell repo.

NOTE: I’m trying to do this because our LoRaMac code is extremely old and there are many, many fixes in the official repo, not to mention the support for security element ATECC608a in the develop branch which is MANDATORY for a REAL product.

Right now the CubeCell is good for a demo … but NOT good for a product since security is an issue !!!

LoRa/LoRaWAN requires a secure element to protect DevEUI and AppEUI … and the recommended best practice (TheThingsNetwork) is to use a dedicated secure element.


Our initial SDK comes from ASR chip manufacturer.

This version:

ASR chip manufacturers have added class B to this version of the code. We also made some optimizations based on this.

I see … so it is not easy to import updates from LoRaMac git repo … mmm not good news.

is there a plan to add security to CubeCell with ATECC608a ? this is becoming almost mandatory for real products on the field, especially in EU


We have the plan to add encryption chip support, but the time may be after the Chinese New Year.:grinning:

excellent news!
adding ATECC608a support in the main CubeCell repo will be the best feature added for the new year!

imho this is the only feature missing to use the CubeCell in production.