Cubecell ASR6502 RTC time match interrupt

Hello, I have a CubeCell Module Plus. I have looked at the Time Example and the WakeUp by Timer Example.

My question is, are there any documentation on the ASR6502’s RTC capability? Is it just a RTC or a RTCC (real time clock calendar). Supposedly, the LowPower_WakeUpByTimer uses the RTC, but does the Time example also use the RTC? Or is it just a software based implementation using the millis() function. Will the Time example still keep track of time while the Cubecell is asleep?

Eventually, I want to program it in such a way that I set the current time, say 2020-08-03 12:36:43 and a target time, 2021-11-24 03:22:38 and have the CubeCell sleep between those two times. Aka, implement an interrupt when the current time matches with the target time (accounting for leap years and all that stuff).

Thanks for your help! I think the use case for these modules will be greatly enhanced if we work together and churn out a sample sketch.

I took a look at Time.cpp and TimeLib.h. There appears to be a lot of millis() calling in Time.cpp.
The calendar looks like it’s definitely software defined in TimeLib.h. From this useful post, it appears that millis() freezes during sleep just like regular Arduinos. However, the TimerGetSysTime from the LowPower_WakeUpByTimer works.

My best guess of implementing this is to use functions from timeServer.h and stick it in TimeLib.h to get the clock and calendar. Then we figure out a way to take differences in time and use the code from LowPower_WakeUpByTimer to sleep for that amount of time.

I wonder why the RTC wasn’t used for the Time.ino example.

The millis( ) function uses RTC, and the “Time.ino” example is based on millis( ), millis( ) can still run normally during sleep.

Thank you!

Yes, my experiments showed it as such. I was confused by this post. Perhaps the code has changed since Feb.

Anyways, that makes my work a lot easier, thank you =)