Cubecell: Arduino sketch upload failed

When trying to upload my sketch to my CubeCell I get this error:

Sketch uses 85277 bytes (65%) of program storage space. Maximum is 131072 bytes.
Initialising bootloader.
Unhandled error: Timed out waiting for Bootloader response.

Another CubeCell on the same computer with the same cable and the same sketch does work without any issues.

Connecting via serial I get this:

Copyright @ 2019 Heltec Automation.All rights reserved.
sending packet "hello1 rssi : 0" , length 15
TX done......into RX mode

On the board I can see a “Arduino-compatible” printed on.

I have soldered a sensor to VEXT, GND, SCL and SDA. Everything else is out of the box.

Other threads on this topic did not help.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance

Maybe the auto system is not working…

Can you please try to access the bootloader mode manually?

Choose one from this two method:

It seems to work. This is what I get:

Copyright @ 2019 Heltec Automation.All rights reserved.
bootloader start

Yes, that’s the bootloader mode. You can try upload frame ware at this time.

I’m assuming “frame ware” is the same as firmware? Is the upload of firmware the same as uploading the sketch from the Arduino IDE? That did not work. If it is something different a link to a guide would help.


Sorry for the late reply… Yes, “frame ware” is a type error, it’s firmware.

How about your problem now? From your reply, your device can access bootloade mode normally, but the device can’t read data from your computer, I think you can try this:

  1. Try with another USB cable;
  2. Try with another USB socket.

So do I need to short GPIO7 pin to ground everytime I want to upload new firmware?

Normally just upload the firmware.
If an an error accure like cant access bootloader you need to activate the bootloader manually by shorten gpio0 to gnd before applying power

My other two work fine, but this one I have to activate the bootloader everytime I go to upload firmware. Is there a way to permanently activate the firmware?