CubeCell and the CCS811

i am trying to use the CCS sensor with the included library but have a problem.
each time the sensor wakes up for reading the values and trransmitting them, the sensor reconfigures itself and think it is now in clean air giving a eco2 value of 400.

to change that the baseline should be read before powering the sensor down and read back after power on and befor reading values.

i use the SparkFun CCS811 library which give the needed functions like getbaseline and setbaseline now.
But the problem is where to store the baseline.

Does the AR650x have an eeprom or an other non volatile memory space where i can store the 2 bytes of the baseline?

the SparkFun library is not running it cannot initialize the CCS811.
i always get an error that the error registers could not be read